Duncan Grant

Front End Web Developer


Unifyo was a browser extension which connected a whole teams social accounts (email, linkedin, twitter, crm) to provide unique insight into clients organizations as well as avoiding crossed-wires when communicating with external organizations and to surface warm connections where a team member could make an introduction. As one of 2 main software engineers for Unifyo I was highly responsible in developing the front-end architecture during several business pivots. I was instrumental in upgrading our technology stack to use a better build process (using Grunt) and improving our use of Backbone.js with more modular views and relational models for a flexible codebase which was able to move with changing business requirements.

Former CEO at Unifyo, Benjamin F. Wirtz has these kind words to say about me:

“Duncan probably ranks amongst the fastest front-end / JavaScript developers out there. He consistently delivered before deadlines and spotted gaps in specifications early to make sure there are no negative surprises. His overall positive attitude and focus helped us to deliver Unifyo across a range of clients, from a Chrome and Internet Explorer extensions to Outlook add-ins. Even with the less enjoyable tasks, Duncan always executed and was extremely loyal to the team and the company.”

Personal Projects

  • A web app built using backbone.js and d3.js to allow people to create and modify financial budgets with supporting visualizations. Open source coming soon.
  • A web app creating slideshows of dynamically gathered images from social media websites. Open source coming soon.

Other Work

I have previously been employed at K-Now, creating web applications for a variety of EU-funded projects as well as creating a core JS-framework based on a mediator/MVC pattern.

Whilst at the University of Sheffield I created Radify, a browser extension which allowed people to annotate live web pages with semantic web annotations (using RDFa).