Duncan Grant

Front End Web Developer


About Me

I'm a software engineer specialising in front-end development. I have worked on EU-funded projects for bespoke webapps in a variety of fields as well as working in startups. I am a fast and proficient developer, comfortable using a variety of technologies to get the job done.

Key Skills


Expert knowledge of JavaScript. I have been developing complex web applications for many years. I am familiar with various trends with JavaScript including different design patterns and object-oriented as well as functional JavaScript. My favourite libraries are Backbone.js, underscore.js, jQuery.

Web Design

I have been designing websites for 12 years. I am familiar with using HTML5/CSS3 and am fast at building prototypes. I also use gimp/photoshop for some design work. Currently I like to use grunt and sass for well organized projects. I can build responsive websites and am comfortable using the bootstrap framework.

Other Technologies

I have used a large number of programming languages in my career. When I do backend work this is generally done using Ruby on Rails, PHP or Java. I use both SQL and NoSQL databases such as Postgresql, Mysql and MongoDB. My main OS is linux and I am at home using the command line or writing scripts.